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Motorcycle towing is the process of transporting a motorcycle from one place to another. Towing service can cost you an amount of money. There are two options: a motorcycle tow bar or a truck. A motorcycle tow bar will lift the front wheel off the ground, while the truck will keep the rear wheel on the road. A motorcycle tow bar, on the other hand, can endanger the motorcycle when it turns. When a corner is turned too quickly, it can tip over, and dragging it on its side can damage parts. When you are stuck on the road, call a 24 hour motorcycle towing service immediately.

A flatbed was used by the professional motorcycle towing company to lift the entire motorcycle into the tow truck while keeping it upright. This method is the most common option for motorcycle towing. A flatbed truck lifts the bike off the ground and places it behind the truck on a flat surface. It uses special straps and locks to prevent the motorcycle from tipping over while being hauled. Motorcycle flatbed tow trucks are similar to standard flatbed tow trucks, but are specially designed for hauling motorcycles. Tow trucks can be found everywhere, so the next step is to choose the appropriate method and a towing service company who will assist you.

A motorcycle trailer hitch is another option. With this method, the tow truck has a tow hitch built into the back of the vehicle. The front wheel of the motorcycle is connected to the trailer’s hitch. The rear wheel of the motorcycle is spinning on the ground. The motorcycle trailer hitch will be secured in the tow vehicle’s hitch tube. If a motorcycle trailer hitch is not used, then a motorcycle tow cradle will be necessary.

These are the common or the usual ways of towing a motorcycle. If you need assistance in towing your motorcycle, you can contact Wright On Time Towing LLC. We provide 24 hours motorcycle towing services. We can provide a wide range of motorcycle towing services with our specialized equipment and highly trained staff. No motorcycle is too large or too small for our towing service. 

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